Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Something for all of you.

Something that might bring solace to empty hearts.
Something that might bring inspiration to others.

Hopefully no negativity is fostered by this, this that I wrote.

A Chantation for Those in Need

This one is to those that once were. That once were, how we all once remember - weightless and carefree. This one is to those in dark corners, in places of perdition, in rooms in need of solace. This one is for the wondering souls of earthly purgatory; of replaced lovers on corner benches - to those whos love is long forgotten and seldom told.

What may they be thinking of? Which corners of the globe may they return to for the yearning of nostalgia? What horrors pervade into their conscious states? What daemons do they account for as paramount to their ebb. May it be the neverending endeavour for constant affection? Maybe. Maybe the long forced need for a counterbalance? Maybe.

May they find there way in the darkest of places. May this declaration, this eulogy, beam light in the most desolate of passages. Walls also, may they be luminous and wise - leading the way to salvation. May this, this chantation, lead those that wonder towards happiness. Towards hope.

May hope persist through evil and unjust good. For what is unjust good, but evil in a sunday hat? What horrors can be performed by such atrotious, malicious, pernicious deed? For those that move across precarious ground, may this lyrical prose provide you with support. May it place golden wings on your shoulders, and a halo above your benevolent head. May not the sword of Damacles hang above your dear figure. My darlings, may all the evil of this world look upon you in reverance. May they falter upon their clandestine acts of spite. May all the world turn from your effulgent glare. My darlings, my never yielding darlings.

This one is for you. For how you were. For how we all once were.


  1. you. make. me. die.

  2. agree with above comment

  3. I wish you would post writing more regularly. you have a great deal of talent. If you don't mind me asking what else do you do? study? work?

  4. I wish I could too. Sometimes i just dont want. Sometimes i need an incentive. And sometimes, I just got nothing on my mind worthy to post.

    I studied Psychology/Human Resource Management darling M. I'm going to go on and do my Honours in Psych, and hopefully go on from there, see where the world takes me.

    I work as a model, as casual as the work may be, or as frequent, it is my only job. haha!

    And then there are the more important things that i do. Like write, read, hang out, get drunk (hopefully not, anymore. I feel ive become an alcoholic).


    P.S. why is everyone so anonymous M.? :P

  5. A post as but another pathetic female worshipper:

    J'adore, mon amour...j'adore...

  6. Boki, you amaze me. Your mind is mesmerising. What I wouldn't give to pick at it =)

  7. tiah.. :)))))))))))))))))))))))

    A; im glad you feel that way! You can pick at it whenever you like.

  8. Please tell me, what is 1.61803399? I have been tasked with finding this out and, as one who wishes to know and learn as much as is possible to, this is of great intrigue to me.

  9. The number that is labeled Phi. You can look it up on google, it is also considered the golden ratio, or the most perfect number. if there ever was one. I was just using it as symbology, for the amazing friendship me and my this forgotten friend of mine once had.

  10. which is the post that succeeds this one. i think. :P

  11. Thanks for the info. I did look this up, and found it very interesting. I'm actually in the process of trying to write a blog myself but pretty stuck for ideas.

    I'm a conspiracy theorist kinda girl, so maybe thats the direction i'll head in.

    Nice post, by the way.