Thursday, November 4, 2010


Hey, I know I haven't posted in quite a while. I believe I gave up on expressing how I thought or felt. Then, I came back on here - rash decision - and found some really nice comments. It really is fuel in my Coupe DeVille. Thanks to those anonymous and those not so.

I haven't got much to say right now. However I find it paramount to leave you with a little something I wrote.

This ones for those that understand it. This one is also, for those in dark corners.

Ode to the Moon

My lover,
My concubine you also are.

May you not wither from the sky, you alone eluminate
Like the roses at night,
Do not surrender your soul to the lure of Sleep
- Lascivious in her ways, she is,

You who stays awake with my every brazen whisper,
Solitary in my thought i can never be,
You ponder with your maple face,
Out of reach for this wayward traveller

Ponder not, no more alone, Moon.
Ponder not, about nights forelorn.

The sky shines for me now;
On you, lies that prudent fate,
Not only are you for me, but I for you.

Oh, who would you be my darling without my face to feel your delicate caress,
The light of your omnipresent hand on my cheek.

And to the Ocean, do not go,
When his messenger Dawn is at your Steppe.

And to the Ocean!
May you fear my rage,
A thousand suns will not procreate from
Your bosom - That horizon,
If for a moment you keep her away,
Away from me at dusk come,
For incessantly she will come,
Out to greet me at my finest hour of day
- I hope.

Mellifluous as the zephyr is at that sacred hour,
Indulgent as the seasons may be,
All is perdition without my Guardian's smile,
Without her electric glance from yonder.

My Moon, my Opiate, my Heroine.
My everlasting desire.