Sunday, December 20, 2009

A Poem I Wrote

Here is something i wrote. It was a while back, but i am bored and feel like posting something. I like it, you guys might too.

The summer never comes around here,
No the sun does not shine bright here,
In the underground, here, we loom in out own desperation,
In the underground; Here! we die in our already present ditches.
No my friend, Oh! the sun does not shine bright here,
No my friend, the summer never comes around here.
Nor do the windows open to the smell of flowers in the zephyr,
Nor do the doors allow entry to mellifluous soul,
Not here my friend, oh.. not here.
Here darkness consumes the very corners of your existence,
Here the darkness allows no playground for hope,
Here! the darkness does not let you rise off of your knees,
Here, the darkness sweeps love out of your heart.
Oh! not here my friends, not here
Will you hear love and laugher in the same abode
Oh, not here my friend not here
Will the living ever appear.
Here my friend we are all walking corpses.
Here my friend we are already dead.
No, the summer does not come around here,
No, my friend, the sun does not shine bright here.

I have not got a name for it. I guess ill think of that in the next 30 years.

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